Aug 4, 2019
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First Flights

Your Plane is built, everything seems OK so now the first flight is near. As much as you think it's perfectly finished it probably isn't. This is where an experienced eye comes in handy.
Put all your equipment on charge overnight before you come down the club and make sure you have all your equipment ready to go.
When you first arrive at the field an instructor will do a thorough check and test flight of your Plane. If there are any problems (there usually are) we will try our hardest to solve them there and then.
After the first successful trimming flight the Instructor will land and give you a short briefing on how the controls effect the plane and what he wants you to do.
That's it, you've taken the hardest step. It isn't easy and you will get frustrated from time to time, but stick in.

Finally, never try to fly without proper instruction as you will crash and more than likely within the first few feet from the ground. We provide free instruction and don't ever feel like you are being a burden because that is what we are here for. Seeing a new modeller from total beginner to solo gives our instructors great satisfaction.
These are just a few tips to help the beginner on their way but if you have a question that is not covered here please feel free to contact us and ask.
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