Aug 4, 2019
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Which Motor?

ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly) Trainers are undoubtedly the best way for the newcomer to go when it comes to learning to fly. You are practically guaranteed to finish with a model that is straight and reasonably well built, However they do have one major drawback and that is the quality and the Pigeon English translation of the instructions. Also certain components which are no use on a grass strip such as ours (or the majority of clubs) are usually included with these models. So the object of this page is to try to help you to finish the model so you can start flying on your first visit to the field.
When you first arrive at our flying field an experienced instructor will inspect your model for airworthiness and unfortunately this is where most newcomers get their first knock back due to assembly errors which are not their fault but the fault of the kit importer who hasn't put proper instructions in with the kit.

One of the things that puts a lot of people off this hobby is an unreliable engine. The local Model Shop will probably try and sell you a cheaper engine with your Plane i.e. MDS. Now while there is nothing wrong with these engines in the hands of an experienced modeller (I have several myself), there is nothing more frustrating to the beginner than the engine constantly cutting out in mid air with the result that you only get short stabs at the controls and spend the rest of the time walking to and from the pit area starting your Engine. So I would recommend that you spend a little extra and buy a good quality engine that will give you years of good service and enjoyment. Some examples are Irvine, O.S. and Super Tigre.

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