May 26, 2019
Category: Club News
Posted by: Gerry

NAMFC is now looking for additional flying locations

CMS - 1.11.7 - Genovesa

Bermuda Triangle

A victim of the “Bermuda Triangle”?

Over the years numerous models have come to grief over the triangle of trees in the SE corner of the flying field at Carrsides Farm, so much so that it has earned the name of the Bermuda Triangle.

Long branches have been known to flick out and catch unsuspecting models as they pass. Models can suffer an inexplicable loss of control when close to the triangle. Models flying behind the trees are almost certain to emerge on a different heading (if they emerge at all). An all balsa chuck glider making a winning flight in a competition picked up a patch of lift (a thermal) near the trees, flew over them to descend on the other side, never to be seen again.

The model in the picture was flying high over the triangle when it stalled and spun down into the trees.

The model is a Fokker D8, built from a Flair kit.

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